Womanizer Plus and 2Go Review – Oh yes!

The Womanizer Plus is a long-handled sex toy that comes with a Womanizer 2Go which is a lipstick-shaped device. It is one of the amazing sex toys that you can include in your sex life.

Let’s solve one thing. In my previous reviews of the original female exhibitor and the latest model which worked at 500 watts, we call the sensation of sucking clitoris. We have described it that way.

It does not vibrate even though it does so because it gently pulls on the clitoris, causing blood flow, congestion, and increased sensation. It is not absorbed as a vacuum, but it is precise, very active and pleasant.

We talk about the feeling we have, and we maintain our descriptive sense, but we think we should stop describing it as absorption. Some buyers have pointed out that it does not absorb the fact that it buys naphtha from the air in compressed pulses.

The company calls it a fun air technology. It seems like a gentle suction for me, feel glorious. In my experience, each of these new actors accelerates emotion and delivers tremors efficiently and with incredible speed.

Heads in two sizes

These Womanizers are more attractive than previous models. The other model shone with gold, and the control buttons became more straightforward to use. Both come with removable heads in two sizes and shapes to get the best fit for your clitoris. If you look closely, it’s easy to lose your extra head under the package, but it’s incredible to get it. Both models waterproof!

Pros and Cons of Womanizer 2Go


• It is tiny with a light body that is easy to pack while traveling
• It is powerful, considering with a small size that you can use while traveling


• The lipstick size is a bit bigger thus making a difference
• The cap does not close the tip securely.
• The cap can easily dislodge from the base

Pros and Cons of Womanizer Plus


• It has a long handle which is made in an ergonomic way for short armed people and those who have arthritic wrists
• It provides an intense sensation which is joyous and dependable


• It is a bit expensive