Teen Pregnancy – How to be Safe?

We live in today’s world, a world of innovation and freedom. It is the fact that the new generation is always in the process of discovery. Teens tend to experience different things, especially when it comes to sex. We must admit that teenagers are curious about this. Statistics show that the rate of births in adolescents has increased and that one in four women under 16, and half of them will be pregnant at the age of 20 years. If so, guardians must educate children about teenage pregnancy.

Causes of teen pregnancy

Experts say there are several reasons for teenage pregnancy. One of the main reasons is that they believe that the child will make changes in their lives, such as having friends or getting close to their family and friends.

How to be Safe?

But what they do not know is that having a child adds more responsibility to their lives. Pregnancy is a life-changing experience. Guardians must tell their children that pregnancy is not just a play. They must plant in their children that pregnancy is not a solution to a problem, or must be used as a pretext for rebellion. Pregnancy will change your life for a lifetime.

Effects in a country

Many countries have promoted contraception and safe sex for adolescents, mostly because of the extraordinary rate of inflation in recent decades. They implemented the policy of children due to the increase in population. In case you are expecting a child, the mother is forced to abort or will be executed for violating the law.

That is the reason why authorities are usually one of the best users of pregnancy tests to determine pregnancy among early women.


Teenagers are always intrigued when it comes to sex. They were doing almost anything to alleviate their selfish happiness, and we cannot stop them if they are determined to do so. Teens are usually regular buyers of pregnancy kits. At an early age, most teens know what they must do and what tests to take when pregnancy is suspected. Then, before innocent adventures and young adventures lead to pregnancy, guardians must make them understand the responsibilities and consequences of premarital sex.


Many dominions oppose sex education because they claim that it is immoral to teach young children sex. This practice will lose its innocence if exposed to such debauchery. Sex education should be taken and educated at home and in schools. That is the best place for those topics where the best teenagers understand the necessary cost and get sex.

Keep in mind that abortion is not a solution for teenage pregnancy. If you know the side effects of an abortion, think before doing taking a step. Abortion can poison the mother if she leaves some parts of the child in the womb.