Sex without Penetration: A Man’s View

Although it seems strange, it is not. Many women all over the world have some tremendous orgasms when it comes to sex without penetration. They are worried about taste and smell. It is terrible that this may be the situation for you and when you are in a relationship with a woman who has these orgasms but is more common than you think.

She tries to fall into it as an incentive and expects to reciprocate, but never does. Not only do you get the fun you want, but you also feel offended. You take great care of yourself and find it difficult to digest that she will not do it for you. How do you change it? How can you give sex without penetration?

Penetration: A Man’s View

There is no answer to this but on the positive side, there are many tempting tips for women, so you can make them crave for you now. You should be able to get the pleasure you want in bed, and it is unfair to continue like this. Get what you want now.

To make them give you sex without penetration, you have to make them want them, and one way to do that is to bathe together in advance. Suppose you arrive at the gym vigorously and return home. Hit the bathroom together and be sure to clean your body everywhere. In this way, you give them proof that you are clean and freshly covered. There will be no irritation with which she can deal.

A Man’s View

Once you leave the bathroom, try to give something oral first and then see if you will take the initiative to do it for you. If you do not, put it on your face. Instead of your face turning towards your feet, position yourself so that your fingers are close to your head.

Now, she has no choice but to want to do something about it.

The last way to do it is for you, in a dirty conversation of seductive type. When things heat up, and you’re naked telling them you want sex without penetration, how are you supposed to say no? Leave it really, and I can not tell you.